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November 2017

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How to ACTUALLY Change Your Style

This week we’re talking about how to ACTUALLY change your style. Let me guess… you’ve read all the books, created countless Pinterest boards, tried to keep up with trends, and even listened to ever podcast episode. Yet, you find yourself stuck with a wardrobe you’re still not in love with. I get it – I really do! My clients come to me with a very similar background.

Here’s the deal, you can read and consume all the content from all of the best experts around the world but still be missing one key element…TAKING ACTION. There’s a ton of incredible content available to all of us, but unless you actually put that content into action you’re going to be stuck on the hamster wheel.

Look…I want you to have a style you love and feel incredibly confident in but it’s not going to happen by just pinning pretty pictures and buying what you think you’re “supposed” to buy. I strive to ‘keep it real’ with everyone on the show which is why I’m giving a little tough love on this episode of the podcast.

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