Meet Mallory


Growing up, Mallory struggled to develop self-esteem and break out of her shyness shell. She learned at an incredibly early age that she could use her style as a form of self-expression, to show the world who she was. Often stating style was her voice before she found her voice, Mallory has personally experienced the power of an aligned personal style and how it can help boost confidence in ways we often can’t even imagine. Her personal experiences grew her desire to help others experience an increased sense of confidence and success in their lives, both personally and professionally, through the power of style.


Chicago based personal stylist, image consultant, and speaker, Mallory is an expert in style and the science behind dressing. To her, what we wear is more than just style or fashion. It’s about creating a personal style (& brand) that works for each individual person’s lifestyle, career, and personality. Mallory has a unique gift for helping people transform not only their style and image but also helping to change the way they feel about themselves.  Style, and what we wear is a language all its own and it’s a language that Mallory has spent years learning and perfecting. She’s created a systematic approach to creating and developing personal style for her clients. Mallory brings extensive experience in the fashion industry to her work. With three certifications from The Fashion Institute of Technology in Image Consulting, The School of Style taught by the top LA stylists, and from Stacy London from TLC’S “What Not to Wear” and “Love, Lust or Run.” Combined with her Bachelor of Art in Fashion Marketing & Management from the Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago and working alongside the Senior Fashion Editor of Marie Claire Magazine.  Mallory brings a unique, realistic approach to style to help create confidence, empowerment and personal growth.


Beyond the closet, you can find Mallory in her weekly podcast (The Style Success Podcast), designing jewelry for her jewelry line (Chloe Jewels by Mallory), speaking to groups big and small, and sharing a ton of fun style-related fun on social media (don’t forget to follow!). She’s been featured in Women’s Voices Magazine, Biz Catalyst 360, and YFS Magazine (to name a few). Of course, you’ll also catch her scooping up unbelievable style-finds for herself (and clients!)…no really though they’re pretty unbelievable.  Jamming to 90’s-early 00’s jams on the regular.  Enjoying the beautiful city of Chicago.  She has a serious love affair with shoes (no surprise), Mexican food, New York City, leopard print, and super snuggly blankets.  And, of course, cruising around (ok, more like shopping) with her fur baby Chloe!