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How to Pack for Warm Weather Vacations

I absolutely love traveling, one of my resolutions for 2019 is to travel more often. Last month I spent 10 days in one of my favorite places on Earth, Mexico. I’ve always felt like warm weather vacations are for relaxing, detoxing and recharging. It’s easy to over pack, regardless of your destination. I’m breaking down the tricks I use to pack for warm weather vacations like a pro. Whether you’re heading to a warm weather destination or need some general packing tips, keep reading for how I pack.

Make a List

Over the years of packing for my own trips, as well as my clients, I’ve noticed one of the reasons we all tend to over pack is because we don’t streamline the process. My favorite way to streamline is to make a list. I’m not talking about a list of the actual items you need, at first. But instead I suggest making a list of what you’re going to be doing each day of your trip. I find writing down what you’re going to be doing helps you narrow down the types of outfits you will need to pack instead of going off of memory or guessing.

Lay Out Your Outfits

After you make your list of daily activities you can begin pulling outfits. Now before you go ahead and pack any outfits or items in your suitcase right away, I recommend laying out your outfits on the floor. This helps you actually see what you’re packing and can allow you to streamline even more. It allows you to see where you can minimize what you’re bringing, and even help you to determine which pieces can be mixed and matched to further streamline what you pack.

Keep It Simple

Personally, when I travel to warm weather destinations I want my clothing choices to be as easy as possible. After all, I’m there to relax not stress about what I’m going to wear! Choose pieces that can be worn together and separately, easily. I typically choose a couple foundation pieces like denim shorts, a neutral color skirt, and/or a neutral color dress. Incorporating a couple foundation pieces makes packing and getting dressed a whole lot easier because the other pieces you pack can be worn with them. Not to mention, it can save a LOT of space in your suitcase.

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