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How Do You Overcome Clothing Care Issues?

This week’s #AskMallory question comes from a listener who shares she’s been struggling with clothing care. Her clothes continue ending up shrinking, pilled and misshapen. If you wear clothes, chances are you’ve experienced some of these same frustrating wear and tear issues. Unfortunately, when you don’t take proper care of your clothes these things can happen shortly after purchasing new clothes. As a personal stylist and someone who loves clothes (probably stating the obvious there), I’m incredibly passionate about helping everyone elongate the lifespan of their clothes as much as possible. So I’m sharing the tips I use in my own clothing care routine as well as what I teach my clients to keep clothes cared for properly and elongate the lifespan of them.

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Why You Shouldn’t Wait Until You Lose The Weight

Ep 53: Why You Shouldn’t Wait Until You Lose Weight to Create a Style You Love

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In addition, we have KISSBOBO bras and their incredible invisible bras. Kissbobo bras has created a line of affordable strapless, backless, adjustable, reusable adhesive bras – didn’t that was possible, did you?! Mallory’s two personal favorite bra selections from Kissbobo are the classic ( and drawstring adjusting option ( With prices starting at $8.99-11.99 it’s the perfect self-adhesive bra option you’ve got to try!

Here’s a quick re-cap!

Have you been feeling the pull to change and evolve your style, but you’re waiting until you lose weight or reach a certain size before moving forward with it? This is a common struggle Mallory hears all the time from clients and potential clients, so much so she wanted to share some of her thoughts as to why you SHOULDN’T wait until you lose the weight. If you’ve been putting off creating a style and wardrobe you love because you feel you’re not at the ‘perfect’ size – this is a must listen episode for you.

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Hi there! Welcome too the BRAND NEW site for Image Success. You probably know a bit about me by now (if not, head over to the ABOUT page for a little intro), I’m thrilled to welcome you to the newly revamped site. It’s been a long time coming, since starting Image Success back in 2011 there have been quite a few changes in services, clients, and ME. I welcome you to take a few minutes to take a look around the site and be sure to check back often. I have quite a few new and exciting ideas up my sleeve that I’ll begin rolling out as time goes on. In the meantime – make sure you head over and check out the podcast. I’m sharing tips and advice every single week and it’s FREE to listen.